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Marlowe - thanks re
Informaţie | 22.Iul.2014, 03:25:56
Marlowe - thanks re rail, I stotped the inter-city but have no clue what the US ton-mileage of intra-city is as a proportion of the whole, I would guess very small, simply because of US mileage? So I was ok leaving it out. Instinctively I'd have thought the US, because of geography, would shift a higher proportion of goods by rail, and stuff like coal which we don't have and is heavy would slant the stats to rail. Our UK default is truck for everything afaik.If I remove all UK tax (60%) and use a plug number for US of 50c (Wikipedia), so c. 15%, the UK/US ratio would fall from 4.5x (RPJr's number) to 4.5 x 40% x 1.15 - over 2x. So I'm not sure how you say that the UK consumes less (/GDP)?I don't know if that finding is surprising or interesting or not. I tend to agree with you - that the UK, with its fuel taxes, compact form, more efficient road vehicles, should consume over twice the US as % of GDP after backing out taxes is perhaps odd. Which is why I threw in rail as a possible reason.
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