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#16 MarloweI think t
Informaţie | 22.Iul.2014, 01:18:59
#16 MarloweI think that was the main issue that was mentioned by sreeval comments in the original post of this series. I get the impression that Professor Pielke has not yet addressed that issue.While improved energy intensity is a worthy goal, upon whom will the costs encountered while getting there be a larger burden. It's another one of those big-time average effects: spread over the entire population and compared with the entire economy hides the fact that half the population is below the average income level. Many are significantly below and struggle every day simply trying to provide basic needs for life. And for many transportation is vital to getting to work to make the money to pay for those basic needs.It is a so far unverified assumption that a massive-scale reduced-carbon economy is attainable.
Persoană de contact: Muhd E W | Telefon: q9aXAkomb
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