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The price of fuel/oi
Ofertă | 04.Sep.2015, 00:22:15
The price of fuel/oil/gas is also related to svreoeign debt. Notice how fuel prices have risen as the Western Worlds debt has also risen, cos its the Oil Rich countries who are buying the debt, they lend us the money to buy their fuel !! I also believe the world price for fuel is a tool to justify costs/prices most companies buy fuel by tender and contracts and market price is never the trade price. BUt yes Europe is paying a hugely inflated price cos our corrupt Socialist Party Governments are taxing us every and anyway the can, to fund their Parties grip on power by employing their army of voters and Soldiers. Let them cos we are all heading for bankruptcy and depression so who cares anymore?
Persoană de contact: Aristide E W | Telefon: 4JQZc3922
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