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Well Roger. At least
Informaţie | 27.Iul.2014, 21:41:41
Well Roger. At least it is honest.While <a href="http://rxjjaghr.com">evynoere</a> else talks about abstract issues such as "reducing carbon intensity", the truth is that for the next couple of decades at least we either:a) continue to increase the concetrtation of CO2 in the atmosphere, orb) forgo a significant amount of income (and allt eh things that currently buys us including the warm fuzzy things like health care, education and social welfare).I want more of this type of reporting because this is the nub of the political choice people need to make. You may say you believe the "science". But given any material mititgation policies will mean these types of outcomes, how sure are you of the projections for climate produced catastrophic consequences?
Persoană de contact: Nasya E W | Telefon: hA4rZz6Bi
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